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Government & Aerospace
Build and deploy cutting-edge digital twin and immersive applications with the leading development platform for creating real-time 3D, AR and VR content. Image credit: City of Orlando
Learn more about our new partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide secure, scalable digital twin solutions for government.
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#1 content creation platform for AR and VR apps
90% of head-worn AR experiences powered by Unity
20+ platforms (Deploy to AR/VR, PC, mobile & more)
1.5 million active Unity creators worldwide
Orlando Regional Digital Twin

Reduce risk, accelerate innovation

  • Import and visualize data (BIM, CAD, GIS and more), and integrate with authoritative data sources and legacy systems
  • Design, develop and support your own real-time 3D, AR and VR applications and deploy to any operating system and device seamlessly
  • Accelerate development using our world-class professional services group
Top uses of Unity
Simulation and training

Bring job-critical learning and training and complex simulations into interactive, immersive environments. Accelerate time to train and knowledge retention across key skills, including team-based tactical situational training.

Modeling and design visualization

Conduct immersive reviews and testing on aircraft, vehicles and other products to minimize physical prototyping and testing. Reduce costs and accelerate time to market by discovering and resolving issues much earlier in development.

AI and machine learning

Transform the speed and agility of your operations. Train and embed intelligent agents with reinforcement learning and evolutionary methods, generate synthetic data for training computer vision models, and evaluate and optimize modeled systems.

Operational digital twins

Pair the virtual and physical worlds with real-time digital twins. Monitor systems and analyze data to identify problems before they occur, reduce downtime, and plan for the future with simulations.

Synthetic environment creation and rendering

Visualize the full gamut of geospatial data for real-time 3D training and simulation solutions, including 3D Tiles (STE/OWT), WGS84 geodetic and other commonly used spatially referenced GIS data.

Guided manufacturing, maintenance and repair

Enhance quality, reliability, and speed of production and service by using extended reality to empower users with all the information they need before their eyes.

Why organizations choose Unity
“We particularly like Unity because of its adoption, its ease of use, and its ability to deliver across multiple platforms … I think they are really at the top of the food chain in terms of innovation.”
Wheel construction parts

Introducing Unity Industry

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services for developers to build custom real-time 3D experiences for AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web across any industry, such as automotive, energy, manufacturing, retail, engineering, and more. Unlock the power of 3D and CAD data to create, scale, and validate your vision.

Aerospace model from aerial view

Pixyz Plugin

This Unity plugin allows developers to easily import data (CAD, mesh, and point cloud) and create optimized, ready-to-use assets for real-time 3D applications.

Cubic interview

Cubic: Immersive training

Watch this Q&A video interview with leaders from Cubic to learn how they drive competitive advantage with Unity-powered training solutions.


Aerospace soars with immersive tech

Discover how the aerospace industry is embracing Unity to enhance the precision and efficiency of workflows across product development, simulation and training, and operations.

Build the future with Unity Industry

Build immersive experiences that differentiate your business with professional real-time 3D creation tools for desktop, web, mobile, AR, and VR – backed by enterprise-level support – to ensure on-time results.