Get the right content to the right players

With Cloud Content Delivery, you can build and release game updates with powerful asset management and content delivery via the cloud.

Get your first 50 GB of bandwidth free every month.

Deploying game content just got a lot easier

Releasing regular updates to players is crucial for studios with content-rich games and active communities.

Cloud Content Delivery is an end-to-end service for live game updates combining powerful asset management, cloud storage, and a reliable content delivery network (CDN).

How it works

Upload your content

Upload and store content to the cloud by using our online dashboard, CLI, API, or in the Unity Editor.

Get organized

Bucket and badge assets to easily identify and organize your content by using our asset management system.

Deploy to players

Make sure the right players get the right content at the right time through our content delivery network (CDN).

Learn more

Use cases

Discover how Cloud Content Delivery can help you perfect your content pipeline.


Your first 50 GB of bandwidth are free every month. Then, pricing is based on monthly bandwidth usage.


All your questions about Cloud Content Delivery answered.


Review the manual to help you get Cloud Content Delivery up and running.

Get started with Cloud Content Delivery today

Cloud Content Delivery combines content management, cloud storage and a trusted content delivery network to help you ensure that players get the right content at the right time.

Your first 50 GB of bandwidth are free every month, so you can try it out with no worries.

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