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Made with Unity
Creating with Unity? Check out these Made with Unity successes – Creator Spotlights on Twitch, event showcases, and in-depth case studies – and share your project for a chance to be featured.
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The 15th Unity Awards

The results are in! The Unity Awards celebrate creative and technical excellence from creators across games, the Asset Store, content producers, social impact, industry, student projects, and film. Check out this year’s nominees and winners.

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Creator Spotlight

Our Twitch streams showcase innovative and inspiring games made with Unity, taking you behind the scenes with the teams and tech that bring them to life.

Double Stallion

The Double Stallion team talks about the animation process, URP customization, 2D Lights, and other tech used in Conv/rgence: A League of Legends Story.

Cygnus Enterprises

Team Miaozi discusses the studio’s history, Cygnus Enterprises’s design and data-driven approach, plus custom tools and AI implementation.

Venture to the Vile
Venture to the Vile

Explore the unsettling world of Venture to the Vile with the Cut to Bits team, including their approach to art direction, game design, narrative, and building a dynamic metroidvania title.

Submit your project

We’re always looking for exciting new games to highlight on Twitch Streams, in case studies, through our social channels, at events, and anywhere else people are talking about game development. Fill out this form to submit your project to the Made With Unity program for consideration.

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Incredible games

Teams around the world are using Unity to build breathtaking experiences across platforms, genres, and styles. Check out the Unite 2023 sizzle to see some of recent and upcoming releases that are made with Unity.

Featured creators

Hear from the developers behind amazing games, and learn more about how they brought their vision to life with Unity.

Second Dinner
Second Dinner

Second Dinner’s Ben Brode and Kent-Erik Hagman share the game design best practices behind 2022’s mobile game of the year, MARVEL SNAP.

Monomi Park
Monomi Park

Matt Kramer, Monomi Park’s engineering director, discusses the Unity tools that helped the team build a bigger and more performant world in Slime Rancher 2.

2023 Gaming Trends
2023 Gaming Trends

Get the inside track on today’s biggest trends, under-the-radar shifts, and essential tips for game developers in 2023 from expert creators.

Case studies
Stunlock Studios

Find out how Stunlock Studios used DOTS to execute their ambitious vampiric vision for V Rising, ultimately delivering a game that sold over a million copies in its first week.

Netting optimal quality and efficiency

Find out how the Dave the Diver team worked with Unity to assemble the optimal ingredients for their genre-bending hit across multiple platforms.

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Tuatara Games

Learn how Tuatara Games powers its chaotic multiplayer brawler Bare Butt Boxing with Unity DOTS and Multiplay Hosting from Unity Gaming Services.

District Crossing in Timberborn with many beavers

Discover how Mechanistry saved extensive production time by switching to UI Toolkit and crafted an intricate user interface for their beaver-based city-builder, Timberborn.

trailmix case study

Trailmix creates snackable experiences with in Love & Pies. Learn how performance campaigns helped them keep players coming back for more – with an impressive 20% by D30 retention rate.

Believing in their creation

Candivore took a game no one believed in – a fusion multiplayer match-3 – and turned it into a global success with a sound user acquisition strategy with Match Masters.

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From big idea to big success

Even beyond the engine, Unity’s there to support your game’s success – however you define it. Game development is hard, and our menu of tools and services continuously evolves to remove barriers and help you do more.