Prespective digital twin software

Design and simulate your machine, factory, or system in Unity real-time 3D. Create common ground among stakeholders and speed up decision processes with improved visualization tools.

See the future in Prespective

Validate your system by connecting your 3D model to external data. Prespective is an open platform that supports diverse data sources.

Use your own CAD models or use our modular asset library to quickly set up a digital twin for your clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Digital twins in manufacturing

With more than a decade of experience working with digital twins, Prespective and Unity are well positioned to help your team get started.

Prespective interface in Unity editor

Pepijn Timmermans, Vice President of Digitalization, VDL Nedcar

“We know now that the sky is the limit. And we have reached that point with minimal costs and effort.”

Pepijn Timmermans, Vice President of Digitalization, VDL Nedcar
Jack de Boer, Sr. Mechanical Designer, Philips Healthcare

“The biggest ROI lies in the fact that we now have a working virtual model that allows our teams to work more agile thus more efficiently.”

Jack de Boer, Sr. Mechanical Designer, Philips Healthcare

Key benefits

Real-time 3D visualization

Showcase your system in real-time 3D to create common ground among stakeholders and enable informed decisions.

Throughput analysis

Digital twin solutions are able to simulate throughput and product flows faster than real-world environments permit, generating months of data in just a few minutes.

Asset library

An extensive library of assets helps you quickly set up your system, make custom adjustments, and access support for custom CAD models.

Data connections

The open platform enables you to connect a wide variety of data sources to your simulation, so you can show the right data at the right time.

TCO reduction

Reduce total cost of ownership by increasing standardization in your process, prevent failures, and plan maintenance with minimal downtime.

Faster time to market

Prespective enables parallel development so engineers and business developers can work simultaneously on the same models.

Leveraging Unity for Industry 4.0

Dutch car manufacturer VDL Nedcar implemented a digital twin of its production line with Unity and Prespective, using the power of real-time 3D software.

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