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Cloud Diagnostics
Real-time error monitoring so you can rapidly resolve the bugs impacting your game’s stability.
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Keep your game stable and users happy

Keep your game stable and users happy

Uncover the cause of crashes damaging your revenue goals and game ratings. Cloud Diagnostics provides real-time error monitoring to identify, investigate, and resolve the crashes and exceptions impacting your Made With Unity games at each critical stage of the development lifecycle.

Key benefits

Minimize downtime by receiving alerts and reports in real-time to detect errors.


Find critical bugs by analyzing data from crash and user reports throughout the development lifecycle.


Prioritize the bugs causing the most significant impact on your game by easily searching, grouping, and filtering your crash data.

Crash and exception reports

Collect crash and exception data including device, version, operating system, and number of users impacted in real-time, all automatically aggregated in the Unity Dashboard.

User reports

Compile and organize user-provided bug reports including screenshots, metadata, and events shared by your most engaged players.

Tool integrations

Receive alerts and share valuable debugging data using the development workflow tools you already know and love including Slack, JIRA, Trello, and Discord.

“With User Reports for Cloud Diagnostics, we were able to identify and fix hardware-specific GFX bugs we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reproduce.”
“Cloud Diagnostics helped us identify game breaking bugs we didn't find pre-launch. We were able to identify and hot fix critical issues just days after launch, preserving our game's positive momentum.”
Protect your game’s health at no additional cost
Included with Unity Personal
  • 25 crash & exception reports/day
  • 10 user-generated reports/day
  • 10 MB user-generated reports storage per day
  • 7 days data retention
Included with Unity Pro and Enterprise
  • 10,000 crash and exception reports/day
  • 1,000 user-generated reports/day
  • 1 GB user-generated reports storage per day
  • 90 days data retention
  • Detailed crash and exception logs
  • Custom crash and exception metadata
Introducing a refreshed dashboard experience

Unity has revamped the Cloud Diagnostics dashboard and made performance enhancements to help you efficiently prioritize your time to fix the most critical bugs impacting your game.

Resolving Bugs with Cloud Diagnostics
Resolving Bugs with Cloud Diagnostics

View technical guidance to enable Cloud Diagnostics in your game. Learn how to automatically collect crash and exception data and receive alerts in your development workflow tools.

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Get Started with Cloud Diagnostics

Attend this Unity Learn course to receive step-by-step guidance for how enable Cloud Diagnostics to automatically collect crash and exception data in the Unity Dashboard.

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Get started in seconds

Enable Cloud Diagnostics in your game with a click of a button. Features are available to all Unity creators.

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