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Unity Moderation
Manage your players’ safety with an end-to-end moderation platform that pairs integrated evidence from Safe Voice with the ability to take action and understand in-game community health.
Tame toxicity so players can thrive

Tame toxicity so players can thrive

Make confident moderation decisions with access to Safe Voice-enabled recording and analyses for player reports, alongside additional context like players joining and leaving the session, muting one another, and reporting interactions – all within the moderation platform.

Detect Toxicity at scale

Streamline incident management workflow

Safe Voice analysis is automatically prompted in response to player reports to provide evidence and context. Use this information to take actions like banning a player from the game by blocking their login through Unity Authentication or restricting their access to in-game Voice Chat for set periods or indefinitely.

Understand player behavior patterns

Understand player behavior patterns

Gain insights into players’ historical behavior, both as reporters and offenders, and see each player’s past actions. Use this information to prioritize actions against repeat offenders, protect vulnerable players, and proactively build a safer, more inclusive in-game community.

Monitor the health of your community

Learn more from the Moderation overview dashboard

Obtain a broad view of sanctions, reports, and player actions in your game. Get detailed community insights by tracking player reports and actions taken to understand moderation efficiency over time.

Key features
Automated evidence collection

Access Safe Voice recordings from within the moderation platform.

Safety analytics

Get a broad view of sanctions, reports, and player actions in your game.

Incident management

Organize, prioritize, assign, and resolve incidents based on overall risk, toxicity, and disruption scores.

Player history

View players’ past actions, both as reporters and offenders, to understand historical behaviors.

Customizable evidence collection

Customize which types of reports trigger evidence collection to optimize your Safe Voice integration.

Seamless integration with Vivox

Native integration with Vivox Voice Chat helps you build safer communities.

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Safer gaming with all-in-one moderation

Boost your gaming community's safety with a robust moderation platform. Powered by Safe Voice tech, it provides evidence for informed decisions. Take targeted actions and measure impact for a secure, enjoyable in-game environment.

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