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Pixyz Studio
The ultimate CAD data preparation and optimization software. Export your optimized models for any real-time 3D use and visualization scenario
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Optimize CAD for real-time 3D

Pixyz Studio’s cutting-edge algorithm creates lightweight meshes for real-time and visualization needs. Leverage interactive UI and Python API to streamline complex tasks and supercharge workflows.

Take advantage of 3D data

Take advantage of 3D data

Pixyz Studio enables CAD experts, engineering departments, interactive 3D developers, 3D artists, architecture firms, agencies, and manufacturing, communication and marketing departments to unlock the full potential of their 3D and CAD data.

Key benefits
CAD format compatibility

Import and combine files from the most used CAD and 3D solutions. See formats supported in Pixyz Studio.

Native hierarchy

Access the original product hierarchy (full scene tree) – including metadata – and dedicated functions for optimization.

Powerful algorithms

Get the best out of your CAD data and optimization process by using powerful algorithms, including tessellation, CAD topology correction, decimation, healing, and more.

History management

Fine-tune mesh quality on specific parts of your model using the Re-tessellate feature and Undo-Redo History.

Automate tasks

Create plugins with the built-in Python API to write your own automated tasks and custom features.

Scale data prep

Publish your data preparation scenarios as plugins and deploy them in Pixyz Scenario Processor for automatic batch processing of 3D files.

Pixyz Studio Workflow

Pixyz Studio workflow

1. Import native CAD files within Pixyz Studio

2. Assemble large CAD files at scale

3. Tessellate CAD models and turn them into light 3D meshes

4. Interactively prepare 3D meshes with an intuitive interface

5. Optimize 3D models using a powerful set of algorithms

6. Export optimized tessellated models to staging tools

7. Save original and optimized 3D models to the native Pixyz format

8. Repeat data preparation tasks with Python scripts and plugins

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Follow the instructions onscreen for guidance through the installation process and setup.

Release archive

All previous releases and versions of Pixyz continue to be available in our release archive.


The Pixyz Studio User Manual is the definitive repository for in-depth and procedural information on all of Pixyz’s features, UI, and workflows.


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Import, prep, and optimize large CAD assemblies, point clouds and mesh data for real-time visualization in Unity.
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