Recipes for popular visual effects using the Universal Render Pipeline
Dec 1, 2023
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Our new Universal Render Pipeline (URP) cookbook is now available to download for free. URP offers deep flexibility and customization, enhanced performance across a range of platforms, plus quick iteration to unleash your creativity in Unity.

In this cookbook, you can choose from 12 recipes for creating popular effects using URP.

You’ll get all the ingredients you need to:

  • Create an x-ray-like image effect with Renderer Features
  • Build a toon and outline shader with Shader Graph
  • Create performant vegetation with GPU instancing
  • Add an Ambient Occlusion effect with Renderer Features
  • Use Photoshop and a LUT image to add color grading to your scenes
  • Produce reflections and refraction, and much more

Download the cookbook and try these recipes yourself to achieve visual effects that can be applied to a wide range of games, art styles, and platforms.

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