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Wherever you are in your development lifecycle, we have the battle-tested solutions you need to build, manage, and grow your game.

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From concept to launch, and beyond

Rapidly build multiplayer games

Enable in-game voice and chat

Build your multiplayer framework

Connect players with secure peer-to-peer networking

Create private and public game lobbies

Multiplay (Contact us)
Host and manage your game servers

Matchmaker (Contact us)
Match players together online

Build your game’s backend

Cloud Codeᴮᴱᵀᴬ
Add and modify platform code in real-time

Cloud Saveᴮᴱᵀᴬ
Track and store player data

Create and manage in-game economies

Assign player accounts and attach backend data

Measure success & customize experiences
Analytics and player engagement

Easily understand game performance and player behavior

Cloud Content Delivery
Manage assets and deliver content via the cloud

Remote Config
Change game configurations in real-time

Cloud Diagnostics
Identify and resolve the crashes impacting game stability

Player Engagement Suite
Keep players coming back for more

Grow your mobile game & acquire new players
Monetization and growth

Find the right users to grow your audience

In-app Purchases
Connect in-game stores across platforms

Increase ad demand and drive more revenue from your game

Drive revenue with in-game ads

InnerSloth & Among Us

When Among Us became the biggest game of all time, they ran into some problems that they didn’t have bandwidth to deal with themselves. Find out how Unity Gaming Services helped them stabilize their multiplayer offering, and gave them the insights they needed to keep delivering great content to their audience.

Gaming Report

New gaming insights and trends

Get the latest insights and fresh data about the state of the gaming industry to make better games and run a stronger business. Learn about trends that will shape your strategy in 2022 and beyond.

Whatever you need – we have you covered

Power your multiplayer game

Get players online, match them together, and create amazing experiences.

Create dynamic player experiences

Deliver non-stop fun by publishing new content, pushing targeted updates, and managing real time player data.

Understand and engage your players

Improve your game with deep insights and data. Run A/B tests, make real time updates, and personalize player engagement.

Grow revenue in your mobile game

Start growing your business with tools for publishers, advertisers, and new developers.

Battle-tested and built for games

When it comes to your mission-critical infrastructure, you can’t take chances. Unity’s gaming services are built on 20+ years of experience, across thousands of games, supporting millions of players globally.

Build. Launch. Scale.

With flexible solutions built to work across multiple engines, it doesn't matter if you are crafting the next smash hit or one of the 70% of mobile games made with Unity – you are in control. Now available to everyone on PC and mobile, with console support on an invite basis – opening up to more developers in the near future.*

*Unity Gaming Services products in beta are available only for select engines and platforms.

Build Launch Scale

Start free, then pay as you go

Everything you need to launch, manage, and operate your game – with generous free tiers.
Pay only as you start to scale, with products in beta remaining free.

Trusted globally by studios of all sizes

Support & services

Support options and services so you can get the right kind of help, at the right time.

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