Sustainability at Unity

Sustainability at Unity

We are committed to driving sustainability throughout our entire ecosystem, from minimizing our footprint to supporting creators leveraging real-time 3D (RT3D) to decarbonize the world.

Building a sustainable future

As global citizens who share the planet, we are responsible for taking action to address climate change, and we’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact today and in the future.

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Marina Psaros, Head of Sustainability, Unity

“Creators are using Unity to solve difficult problems such as visualizing climate change and making cities and fashion more sustainable. Our vision is that Unity is the platform to create, cultivate, and communicate a more sustainable world.”

Marina Psaros, Head of Sustainability, Unity

Our 2021 impact in numbers

We are proud to have attained net-zero emissions. Our journey has just begun.

GHG emissions

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Scopes 1–3 were fully offset through Cool Effect and Natural Capital Partners via verified offsets, removals, and renewable energy credits.

Grants and partnerships

We supported creators and nonprofit organizations that are increasing awareness and spurring action on climate change.

Gamers reached

As UN Playing for the Planet Alliance members, we co-facilitated the 2021 Green Game Jam, which shared sustainability-focused content with millions around the world through popular games.

Our sustainability approach

At Unity, we are committed to creating a more sustainable world by empowering employees, creators, partners, and peers through our operations, grants, partnerships, and products.

Measuring our impact

Beginning in 2021, we conducted our first GHG emissions inventory, which counted our full Scope 1–3 emissions, including:

  • Direct emissions
  • Indirect emissions from purchased electricity
  • Indirect emissions from business travel, purchased goods and services, events, and more

Our first annual assessment reported 38,400 metric tons of carbon. We neutralized our emissions through renewable energy credits, carbon offsets, and carbon removal projects.

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Managing our impact

We are shrinking our footprint by:

  • Promoting green building practices and purchasing renewable energy for our offices.
  • Sourcing energy-efficient IT equipment and recycling used equipment responsibly.
  • Offering our employees incentive programs for clean transportation, sustainability education, volunteering, and donating opportunities 
  • Providing ESG-screened funds for 401k investments 
  • Implementing sustainability criteria for vendor evaluation and supporting our supply chain to adopt their own science-based targets.

Partnering for climate action

With our global creator community, we have the opportunity to catalyze environmental impact beyond our own operations by leveraging partnerships, supporting environmentally focused creators, encouraging RT3D innovation, and inspiring our community to take individual and collective action. ​Through our partnership with the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), we are developing tools and resources to support our suppliers in their own sustainability journeys.

Environmental grants and partnerships

Partnerships enable us to amplify impact and accelerate real-world change. In 2021, we contributed $950,000 to 11 projects.

Western University

To develop evidence-based guidelines for educators, Western will research the benefits of immersive experiences in AR/VR for environmental science education.

Project Drawdown

We are a member of Drawdown Labs, a group of visionary private-sector partners working to go beyond net zero to scale climate solutions, within and outside their own operations.

Drop in the Ocean

We supported the rebuilding of Drop in the Ocean for wider global reach and distribution at cultural institutions and high-profile international climate events.

Murray Walker, Expertise Leader – Zutari

By bringing storytelling and creative technology together, we create immersive and interactive project experiences that better communicate the vision of our major infrastructure and built environment projects.

Murray Walker, Expertise Leader – Zutari

Spotlighting creators

Learn how innovative creators are leveraging RT3D to bring new stories to light, share best practices, and offer visions that we can all work towards.

Solar projects in Africa

Climate change is already causing huge destruction in Africa, which is why Zutari is using Unity to design, implement, and optimize innovative and renewable energy solutions.

Smart sustainable cities

With Unity’s capabilities for real-time simulation and digital twins, Sitowise is innovating the most sustainable infrastructure and living environments possible.

Monument Valley II
2021 Green Game Jam winner

As a part of the 2021 Green Game Jam, creators added a “Lost Forest” chapter designed to remind players of the importance of trees and forests in the fight against climate change. 

Circular Fashion Summit (CFS)
Sustainable fashion

CFS aims to accelerate the transition towards digitized fashion to create measurable and scalable impact through the world’s largest virtual fashion event.

Internet of Elephants
AR Conservation

On a mission to change how the world engages with wildlife and conservation, Internet of Elephants employs Unity to connect real wild animals with people via everyday technology. 

Sustainability at Unity

Learn more about our work with creators and how we’re all working to make the world a more sustainable place.

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