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Unity In-App Purchase (IAP)
Set up in-app purchases across leading app stores, streamlining your store integrations while maximizing game revenue. Pair IAP with Unity Analytics and Economy to grow your success.  
Simplify your in-app purchases across all leading stores

Streamline your in-app purchases on top stores

Expand your revenue opportunities across multiple stores and platforms with one SDK. Unity IAP supports industry-leading app stores, including Google Play, the App Store, and more.

Design a balanced in-game economy with Economy and IAP

Balance in-game economy with Economy and IAP

Your in-game economy is a focal point for monetization and player engagement. The combination of IAP and Economy enables you to manage your in-game economy end to end, from real money purchases to virtual currencies that can be used for in-game items, battle passes, and more.

Understand your players and optimize in-game economy with Unity Analytics

Understand your players with Unity Analytics

Capture revenue and purchase insights with Unity Analytics. Customizable dashboards help you understand player behavior, analyze real-time insights, and make informed changes to your in-game economy to reduce churn and keep your players engaged.

Technical features of IAP
Multiple stores supported
  • App Store (iOS)
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Unity Distribution Portal
Receipt validation

By pairing IAP and Economy, you can implement secure server-side receipt validation for in-app purchases. This functionality helps protect against fraud, maintain the integrity of in-app purchases, and secure your revenue streams.

Codeless Implementation & Configuration

We took care of the programming work so you can focus on designing a better game. With Codeless IAP, you can easily port in-app purchases to multiple stores and automate the transaction flows in real time. Then, through Unity Analytics, you can monitor and act on trends in your revenue and purchase data across multiple platforms.

IAP pairs well with these services

Analytics enables studios to understand game performance and player behavior. Capture insights using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.


Get tools to design and plan your game economy. Tune and scale to build a better game for your players and help grow in-game revenue.

Ads Exchange

Incorporate engaging ad formats in your placements and the Unity Ads Exchange will help you receive competitive bids from leading advertisers and demand partners.

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Review the manual to help you get IAP up and running in your game.

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Release Notes

Stay informed about our latest updates by checking out the release notes.

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Build your foundation

Explore solutions for your game’s backend, including Cloud Save, Cloud Code, and Authentication.

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Engage your players

Perfect the player experience with targeted engagement using Analytics and Player Engagement solutions.

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Streamline your in-app purchases across leading stores

Maximize revenue, engage players, and gain valuable insights by setting up in-app purchases across multiple app stores.