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Supercharge your Unity project with AI
Unity Muse’s powerful AI capabilities complement your creativity and streamline development. Get instant answers, generate unique assets, and see your game idea come to life faster than ever.

Your new Unity assistant

Unity Muse makes it easier than ever to explore ideas and go from zero to prototype, all with natural language prompts. Browse resources with ease, troubleshoot issues with AI assistance, and use generative AI to add concept art and set up basic behavior and animations. You’ll get to proof of concept faster, and more accurately scope your build.

Muse features

Use simple, natural input – a prompt, an image, a doodle – to instantly generate game-ready textures in any style, all inside your project in the Unity Editor.


Produce 2D art instantly, directly in the Unity Editor. With just a few simple prompts, you’ll receive a selection of modifiable, scene-ready sprites in seconds.


Solve challenging problems, get ideas for your project, and generate usable code through conversational AI chat that guides you on your creation process.

Animate (Prerelease)

Bring humanoid characters to life with just a few text prompts, saving hours of traditional setups – designed for both aspiring and seasoned animators.

Behavior (Prerelease)

Instantly set up character interactions with Muse Behavior. Simply describe the desired behaviors and Unity Muse will create behavior trees in the Unity Editor.

Muse FAQ

Find detailed answers to the most common questions about Muse, including data handling, AI models, Muse Points, what “generations” are, commercial usage, and more.

Responsible AI

Learn how the AI models behind Muse’s asset generations are built, responsible AI practices, and how we’re able to extend output quality with only Unity-owned data.

Interactive tutorials

Whether you’re new or experienced in AI, tutorials on Unity Learn will help you get started quickly. Generate sprites, textures, and even code as you prototype a simple game with Muse.

Subscription plans
Free trial
Try Unity Muse for free for 15days and see for yourself how Muse can improve your workflows and help you develop prototypes and concepts faster. No credit card required.
Monthly subscription
Subscribe monthly to Muse, risk-free and cancellable at any time. While Muse is in early access, you get unlimited generations to fully explore everything Muse has to offer.
Responsible, creator-first AI

As AI continues to shape the world we live in, Unity is committed to ensuring that our AI solutions are developed and deployed in ways that are transparent, fair, and accountable while providing the best outcomes for all creators.

Frequently asked questions

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