Retail and commerce

Supercharge your commerce strategy and turn shoppers into buyers online and offline with interactive real-time 3D experiences.

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Embrace the metaverse era

Transform your retail strategies with real-time 3D technology to drive more engagement, conversion, and sales uplifts across multiple channels. Accelerate time-to-market and reduce marketing content production costs with virtual asset creation. And, publish interactive and configurable products to any platform.

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Top uses of retail solutions

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Create captivating consumer experiences
영업 및 마케팅

Elevate consumer experiences on multiple devices and platforms. Bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping, plus increase conversion with immersive real-time 3D experiences such as: 

Leverage tools for end-to-end efficiency
Manufacturing and operations

Streamline complex design, collaboration, and operations workflows with tools that improve productivity and reduce costs. Reap additional benefits from interactive, engaging applications which:

Make informed, strategy-driven decisions
Store design and planning

Take the design and maintenance of your retail spaces to the next level with tools that make it possible to:

  • Envision, simulate, and manage multiple store layouts and merchandising
  • Efficiently test product placement while reducing costs
  • Collaborate on plans with internal teams, vendors, and customers

Trusted by industry experts and innovators

"A few years ago I never thought it would be possible to have 3D scanning implemented at all of our factories. With [Unity] RestAR, it's as simple as taking two videos then that gets uploaded to RestAR and stitched together within one hour."

Mitchell Harvey, 3D Innovation Manager, Deckers
성공 사례 스포트라이트

Streamlining footwear manufacturing with mobile capture

With a global footwear portfolio, Deckers Brands aimed for a more efficient product life cycle. By using mobile capture and 3D technology to scan and render physical products in high-quality 3D, they streamlined prototyping, design review, and sample production, saving on time, costs, materials, labor, and CO2 emissions.

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