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Your game, your rules. Matchmaking you control
Tailor matches to your game and players with rules-based matchmaking, supported by game server hosting that delivers what matters most to players – low latency and fast matches.
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Fully featured matchmaking off the shelf

Get all the features you need without having to build them yourself. Featuring a queue and pools system that allows for multiple variations and modes and a developer-configured match logic that supports complex game loops. Integrated with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay).

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Tested by the best and biggest games

Unity Matchmaker has in-built A/B testing, allowing you to experiment with different matchmaking configurations while retaining complete control and without hurting your live game operations. You can streamline the workflow to test, evaluate, and optimize matchmaking rules to make your game the very best it can be.

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Retain players with quick matchmaking

Balance population, skill sets, and game modes that deliver to your players. Iterate with new ideas to create a fast, frictionless player experience with an off-the-shelf solution that can scale to your needs.

Key benefits
Intuitive access through Unity Dashboard

Get up and running fast with step-by-step workflows in Unity Dashboard, and quickly configure your matchmaking queues, pools and rules. Get started today with an $800 credit for Game Server Hosting (Multiplayer) and Matchmaker.

Unity Matchmaker SDK

The Matchmaker SDK makes it simple to integrate the game client with the matchmaking service, facilitating the management of matchmaking tickets, quality of service, and authorization leveraging Unity Authentication Service.

Integrated with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Works with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) out of the box, generating server allocations for you, with all the information needed to start the game quickly.

Scales to your needs

Don’t fear success – Matchmaker scales to your playerbase, meaning you don’t have to scramble for extra capacity if your game sees a spike.

Quick time-to-match and flexible backfill

Make sure that your players spend less time waiting in queues and more time enjoying your game, without having to spend months on your own solution. Connect players to ongoing matches with backfill you can rely on to keep your matches full of fun.

Support from multiplayer experts

Support from a team of dedicated multiplayer gaming experts and a free sample to get you started.

“Unity did the networking, matchmaking and voice components better and much faster than we ever could – it’s what they specialize in.”
"Knowing we had full programmatic control over the matchmaker function reassured us that whatever we needed, it would be up to the challenge."
“It didn’t take much time to deploy them and we knew exactly what it would cost. Deciding to go for Unity Matchmaking was easy, as all the Unity Multiplayer Services people really know their stuff.”
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How to Set Up Matchmaker

Find out how to get Matchmaker up and running fast, with a step-by-step demo.

Megacity Metro

Learn how to craft engaging multiplayer games with a thrilling shooter that uses URP, Netcode for Entities and the latest DOTS packages, supporting over 100 concurrent users.

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Large scale battle royale with Photon Fusion

This battle royale sample shows how to create and implement the latest features of fast paced multiplayer games.

multiplayer report 2022
Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report

Want to know what gamers really want from multiplayer games? We surveyed gamers across the globe to discover the latest trends on what and how they play.

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond - Respawn case study
Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond - Respawn case study

Discover how smart, simple off-the-shelf matchmaking helped Respawn’s developers focus on gameplay rather than infrastructure.

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Team17: Multiplay Case Study

Learn how Matchmaker and Unity Multiplayer Services were able to help Team17 maximize their back-end to provide flexibility for their first crossplay game.

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Get in touch with the Matchmaker team

Are you looking for enhanced level support, planning a large-scale multiplayer game, or have complex requirements that you want to discuss?