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Unity powers over 69% of the top mobile games
Deliver quality game updates and maximize revenue with minimum hassle leveraging a robust toolkit for streamlining live operations, growing a mobile business, and enhanced support with Unity Pro.
Unity support for visionOS – be among the first to create for Apple Vision Pro and the new era of spatial computing.
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Mobile games made with Unity
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

SYBO and Unity’s 10-year partnership helped Subway Surfers remain one of the top mobile games.

Marvel Snap

Second Dinner built an end-to-end solution for content creation and delivery that scales to millions of players.

Tinytouchtales: Card Thief
Card Crawl Adventure

Arnold Rauers of Tinytouchtales built his business using the Unity Editor and runtime, Ads, and Asset Store.

Marvel Snap

Why Unity for mobile game development?

In the competitive mobile game market, swift prototyping and access to player data boosts your chances for success. Beyond our industry-leading game engine, Unity meets you across the entire mobile game development lifecycle with tools and services for rapid iteration, performance optimization, player engagement, and revenue growth.

Build your mobile game
Unity Profiling Tools
Profiling tools

Boost mobile performance with profiling tools like Frame Debugger, which targets key metrics for optimal device compatibility.

Dragon Crashers
Unity Asset Store

Speed up your development pipeline with premade mobile-ready assets and plug-ins.

Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Create standout visuals on mobile. Optimize and maintain visual fidelity across mobile platforms and devices with URP.

Live operations
UGS key art
Analytics solutions

Access end-to-end data and analysis solutions, designed to support your entire studio.

engage your players
Player engagement

Test and update gameplay without app updates or client code changes.

backend use cases
Configure and manage

Lay the foundations for seamless live game management.

Solutions across the mobile growth cycle
Unity LevelPlay

Maximize ad revenue with minimum hassle. Unity LevelPlay ad mediation creates a real-time auction to optimize and automate ad monetization operations.

Drive your app revenue and growth
ironSource and Unity Ads

Run campaigns at scale with two of the leading ad networks – ironSource and Unity Ads – which perform optimally within LevelPlay to drive more revenue and deliver better ROAS.

Grow your app with efficient and diverse ad campaigns
Tapjoy Offerwall

Tapjoy Offerwall helps diversify revenue streams and boost retention with player offers for in-game currency.

Unity Runner Template card image

Supersonic is the most-downloaded hypercasual publishing platform in the world, combining advanced technology with deep transparency.

Take your game to the next level
Unity Pro

Unlock your team’s potential with professional tools to create across game devices and platforms.

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Features and services for mobile game development
Support to scale your projects

Gain prioritized customer service and scale to (or from) closed platforms with Unity Pro, and minimize project obstacles with hands-on support through Success Plans.

Maximize mobile performance

Ensure your release remains performant across devices with the Addressable Asset System and other profiling tools.

Design high-quality, scalable graphics and UI

Deliver beauty with speed and performance across all Unity-supported platforms with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and create screen overlay UI that runs on a wide variety of screen resolutions using UI Toolkit.

Mobile-ready art and tools

Discover time-saving assets that help reduce cost and complexity at every stage of production through the Unity Asset Store.

Launch quickly with quality

Get your game playable and to market quickly. Add content rapidly to keep players engaged and coming back for more and deploy faster with a CI/CD pipeline supporting Android and iOS.

Gain insight into player behavior

Understand what motivates your players so you can build customized experiences that connect.

Drive sustainable revenue

Integrate ads or in-app purchases into your game without compromising on player experience. Access tools to acquire users and increase ad demand.

Backend across devices and platforms

Build your live game and iterate as you grow with Unity’s backend tools.