Cloud Code

Run your game logic in the cloud as serverless functions and interact with other backend services.

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Make changes to your code in real-time

Change game logic whenever you want without releasing a new version of your game with easy-to-use serverless functions. Write and run your game logic away from the client.

Streamline your game code in the cloud

Cloud Code shifts your game logic away from your clients, interacting seamlessly with backend services. Create custom API endpoints, and soon: make scheduled background jobs and game event handlers.

Streamline game code in the cloud

Key benefits

Be secure

Abstract logic and keep the inner workings of your game secure.

Create links

Link together multiple solutions with custom logic.

Stay flexible

Make changes to game logic whenever you need, and leverage the ability to scale up.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use.

Resources to hit the ground running

A closer look at Game Backend

Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

Nine use cases for Unity Game Backend

Building a backend to support your game systems isn’t easy, and you may not be able to build, host, and scale your own servers. Find out what our tools can do for you.

Try out our battle pass sample

The Unity Gaming Services Use Cases are a collection of samples that show you how to solve common development challenges. Read our article on our latest sample: the battle pass.

Build your game with Unity Gaming Services

Looking for an alternative to GameSparks? Unity Gaming Services has the battle-tested solutions you need to build, manage, and grow your game.

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Review the manual to help get Cloud Code up and running for your game.

Build your foundation

Explore our newest solutions for Game Backend, including Cloud Save, Economy, and Authentication. 

Engage your players

Perfect the player experience with targeted engagement using our latest Analytics and Player Engagement solutions.

Build more, pay less

Everything you need to launch, manage, and operate your game – at a fair price. Our products are designed to work for AAA studios, indie developers, and everyone in between.

The 2023 Unity Gaming Report is here. Get data to make informed decisions about your game. Get the report

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