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Pixyz Scenario Processor
Seamlessly automate your data conversion pipeline with the Pixyz Scenario Processor. Enable company-wide CAD and 3D asset distribution with ready-to-use data prep scenarios.

Transform your 3D workflows

Remove data preparation roadblocks and scale your 3D experiences. Pixyz Scenario Processor provides ready-made sample scenarios for easy onboarding. Plus, the Python API and cloud capabilities enable you to design scalable custom scenarios across use cases.

Pixyz Scenario Processor in Unity editor

Custom optimization scenarios

Design scenarios for different use cases, whether you’re aiming for a specific polycount or converting CAD files and point clouds into optimized meshes. Choose from a preinstalled scenario or create and publish custom scenarios.

Sample scenarios

Choose the 3D optimization scenario ​that fits your needs from our library ​of ready-to-use scenarios, or create custom scenarios using the new Plugin Scenario Editor in Pixyz Studio.

For all project sizes

Pixyz Scenario Processor supports usage needs ranging from occasional on-demand use to intensive use with scaling for peak loads.


You can run Pixyz Scenario Processor on-prem or on your own cloud vendor, so your data remains safe and secure.

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Download Pixyz Scenario Processor

Follow the instructions onscreen for guidance through the installation process and setup.

Download for:

Windows x64
Ubuntu/Debian x64
Docker container

Release archive

All previous releases and versions of Pixyz continue to be available in our release archive.


The Pixyz Scenario Processor User Manual is the definitive repository for in-depth and procedural information on all of Pixyz’s features, UI, and workflows.


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Scale your 3D workflows

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