Boss Room: Small scale co-op sample

Learn more about building small-scale cooperative game flows in Unity with Boss Room.

  • Genre

    3D small-scale cooperative game

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate →  Advanced

  • Supported Unity versions

    Unity 2020.3 and later

  • Products

    Netcode for GameObjects, Relay, Lobby

Enter the Boss Room

Boss Room is a small scale cooperative game sample project – built with Netcode for GameObjects – designed to be used in its entirety to help you explore the concepts and patterns behind a multiplayer game flow.

E.g., Character abilities, casting animations to hide latency, replicated objects, RPCs, and integration with the Relay, Lobby, and Authentication services.

Baixe o código-fonte e assets

Download the source code and assets

Boss Room is publicly available on GitHub to clone, fork, or use it in your game – unleash your creativity however you see fit.


  • One populated dungeon level 
  • Four character classes with two different skins for each 
  • Combatant imps and a boss
  • A simple collaborative puzzle 
  • High-quality stylized art and music assets

This repo also contains a utilities package containing sample scripts reusable in your own projects, including utilities like ClientNetworkTransform, scene management utilities, SessionManager, and more.

What will you learn?

Boss Room will help you learn how to effectively build a small-scale, cooperative multiplayer experience with Netcode for GameObjects, Relay,  Lobby, and Authentication services. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The basics of building a cooperative game with Netcode for GameObjects
  • Networked object pooling
  • Latency hiding techniques
  • And more
What will you learn?

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Get the Boss Room sample

Get started with Boss Room today to learn multiplayer networking while you play.

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