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Connect your players with Relay
Provide great multiplayer gaming experiences with Unity’s Relay service.
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Enable great multiplayer experiences with Relay

The Relay service allows you to connect your players and provide great multiplayer gaming experiences without the need for a costly dedicated game server. Our service enables easy and secure peer-to-peer, listen-server UDP communications between players.

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Save on hosting with simple pricing

Relay offers a free tier that covers your pre-development needs and pricing based on average concurrent users (CCU) and egress consumptions – so you only pay as your game grows.

Our pricing model is designed to protect you from otherwise expensive peaks in your CCU by only charging based on the average number of users and egress your game has in a given month.

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Level up with other services

Relay plays well with other multiplayer services – like Lobby, Unity Netcode solutions, and Mirror.

Provide better multiplayer gaming experiences with Lobby by sending service-to-service notifications when a player disconnects from the game and automatically removes zombie players.

Plus, access a reliable foundation for your multiplayer game with Unity Netcode solutions or Mirror – both integrable with Relay.

“Relay and Lobby work very well together, and they helped our team implement the online features and functions we were looking for in our game. The Unity staff was always willing to help us and will definitely continue to use the service!”
Key benefits
A cost-friendly solution to connect your players

The peer-to-peer client server model hosts games on your player’s devices at home, saving you the cost of renting or maintaining dedicated servers.

Simple and automatic scaling

Let Relay do the heavy lifting of automatic scaling for users, scaling to meet your capacity requirements in a multi-tenant fashion.

Secure communications with DTLS

Relay supports DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) encryption of all UDP communication to and from the Relay servers, this enables your users to deliver data that is securely encrypted and authenticated.

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