Photon Fusion + Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Unity has teamed up with Photon to launch a new asset to help you produce peak performance on Unity’s Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) orchestration platform and Matchmaker.

  • Genre

    Large-scale competitive battle royale

  • Difficulty


  • Products

    Photon Fusion, Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), Matchmaker

The AAA features

Your players deserve the best gameplay without interruption. This battle royale sample shows how to create and implement the latest features of multiplayer games with up to 200 players at 60z.

Features include:

  • Deathmatch, elimination, and battle royale gameplay modes
  • Weapon systems – projectile, hitscan, throwable, etc.
  • Projectile systems – kinematic, ballistic arrow, and piercing projectiles
  • Pickups – static (ammo, health), dynamic (drops on kill)
  • Shrinking area, damage area, moving platforms, and item box
  • Recoil patterns, input => recoil compensation
  • Jetpack – advanced Kinematic Character Controller example
The AAA Features

Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Photon’s battle royale sample is integrated with Unity’s Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) using client-server topology and Matchmaker.

Tailor your matches to your game and players with rules-based matchmaking, supported by global networking infrastructure that delivers what matters most to players – low latency and fast matches.

Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) supports up to 80 players with standard self-serve settings. Need to scale up? Get in touch and Unity will discuss your requirements for up to 200 players.


The performance

This sample provides multiple AAA features such as prediction and lag compensation; enabling developers to build complex multiplayer games.

Designed to consume less CPU, less bandwidth, and help developers operate at a 60Hz tick rate on their server simulation.

Combined with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Unity Matchmaker, you can scale reliably as your player base grows and able to iterate quickly with new match rules.

The Performance

Learn more about multiplayer in Unity

Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Deliver performance and flexibility to your gaming infrastructure while keeping dev time focused on gameplay, accelerating speed to market and providing the best experience to your players.


Part of our dedicated game server hosting solution, match the right players, in the right time, in the right place - with out-of-the-box Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) integration for our enterprise customers.

Multiplayer services

Dive into our multiplayer documentation for technical references, guides, and tutorial content to get started with networking in Unity.

Get the Large scale battle royale with Photon Fusion sample

Get started with Large scale battle royale with Photon Fusion today to learn the basics of multiplayer game development in Unity.

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